Let’s start playing Go (app)


Let’s start playing Go. This is an introductory Go app for people who don’t know Go or don’t know the rules of Go.

There is no explanation. Please tap the appropriate place. As you play, you’ll come to understand what Go is like. It is a diagram that depicts the inside of the head of a high-ranked Go player.

Areas surrounded by black stones are colored brown, and areas surrounded by white stones are colored yellow.

Stones with an X mark are dead and will be taken by the opponent in the future, and will be the opponent’s position. The stones you take can be buried in the opponent’s position.

There is a black and white bar graph at the top, showing how much each side is winning.

Black and white stones marked with ■ are next to each other. This is a take-or-be-taken battle. One or the other will be taken in the future.

The white bar below is the message board. When the computer is thinking, it says Thinking…. Game Over is displayed when the game is over.

Three types of board are displayed on the upper left, but you can change the size of the board. From left to right: 9×9, 13×13, 19×19.

Tap the X mark on the upper right if you want to pass when there is no place to hit anymore.

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