There is a common protocol in space


I will proceed with the premise. Otherwise, the story will not expand. It must exist. If it existed, we would be able to obtain not only information about the Earth, but also information about the entire universe, which would be much more enjoyable than the current Internet.

“As long as you understand this protocol, you can obtain information from outer space.” You can know what kind of history there was, to every corner of the universe. This is an illusion, but it may be true.

When will we be able to obtain this data? It’s quite difficult, but I think we can obtain it before 2045. Before the singularity. It will be analyzed by artificial intelligence. It should not be encrypted. Because it doesn’t need to be encrypted. I am sending this data because I want you to receive it.

“The next problem is the data format.” There are image formats such as JPG, PNG, and GIF on Earth, but what is the standard format in space? What is the video format? As long as we know that, we can acquire infinite still images and videos from space.

“The earth does not exist forever.” Humans will one day be unable to survive on Earth and will perish. Although it is a story in the distant future, we would like to leave the history of the earth in this universe before it perishes.

Suppose you want to preserve the history of the Earth in this universe. Where should I put that data and how should I send it? When I think about it, wait, wait, before that, I think that somewhere in this universe, the history of each planet is stored, so I will look for it first. It makes me wonder what I should do to get it.

“There is a problem that it takes a long time to send data.” 10,000 light years, 100,000 light years, 1,000,000 light years, I can’t wait that long. What if we imagine that the data that traveled a million light years to reach us is already stored nearby? I’m talking on the premise that the speed of light is the fastest.

“There are devices that send and receive data to and from planets and satellites around the universe.” It automatically receives, stores, and transmits all the time with the common protocol of the universe. If you ask who made this, it’s nothing but an alien somewhere.

“Well, now you can see the history of each planet in every corner of the universe.” I’d love to see what it’s like. There you will also be able to see what will happen on Earth from now on. I haven’t seen it yet, so I can only speculate.

Science and technology develops in any planet, and it will always create a core. Planets that used nukes perished, and planets that abandoned nukes survived. The timing of the formation of the nucleus was roughly the same, around the 666th generation.

“I’m thinking of creating a story based on my own imagination.” The time to acquire the technology to create nuclei would be the time of Nostradamus’ great prophecies. Even if you imagine it arbitrarily, you need to have a more accurate understanding of the universe.

A life-possible planet was discovered in a star system 31 light years away. GJ 357d is estimated to be about the same size as Earth, or at most twice as large. The Milky Way galaxy is 105,700 light years across, so it’s pretty close. How many planets in the Milky Way galaxy do you think are habitable? I think there are quite a few.

There is a theory that the universe was born about 13.8 billion years ago, but there is also a theory that the universe never began and has always existed. I think the latter.

The universe was born approximately 13.8 billion years ago. We have determined that this galaxy is 134 light years away. Does that mean that galaxies do not exist at a distance of 13.8 light years or more? 20 billion years ago nothing? 40 billion years ago is nothing. Will the fact of being born disappear someday?

The idea that the universe is finite raises thorny problems. The question then arises as to what happens next. Humans have a hard time understanding infinity. It certainly feels strange when you think about infinity, but in fact, infinity is a natural thing.

Newton believed that both time and space are eternal and infinite. He never changed his mind all his life. I thought that time and space were outside the scope of Creation. However, most people today believe that the universe is finite and that it was born 13.8 billion years ago.

“Galactic clusters may form large galaxies.” Large galaxies are so far apart that we cannot see the next large galaxy with a telescope. You can also think like that.

Our solar system is included in the Milky Way Galaxy, but the Milky Way Galaxy is not the center of a large galaxy. Discovered a galaxy 13.4 billion years away and can’t see beyond that. Then the limit on the other side should not be 134 light years away. If the other side is also 13.4 light years away, it means that the performance of the telescope cannot see any further.

“There are various theories about the infinite universe.” Countless atoms gather to create a world, but they do not last forever.

In addition, although the density of atoms changes, they do not disappear, and their appearance changes forever. There is also a theory that.

“The universe is expanding now.” But from now on, I don’t know. It is accelerating expansion now, but it may become deceleration expansion. At some point it may stop and start contracting. What this expanding energy is called dark energy, and if you can figure it out, you’ll win a Nobel Prize.

Our Milky Way galaxy and the neighboring Andromeda galaxy are very far away, but they will collide in 4 billion years.

The Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies will merge after 6 billion years to form a giant elliptical galaxy. My name is Milkomeda.

The universe meets the conditions necessary to produce highly intelligent life like humans. In other words, this universe is inhabited by intelligent life forms like humans. If the universe is infinite, the number is infinite.

“Intelligent life forms that exist in the universe can be called humans.” It can be said that the final ruler of any planet is a life form similar to our own, in the form of a human being.

Space is full of aliens, but when it comes to meeting them, it is difficult to meet them. I can never meet with this intention. You can meet aliens if you want to, but they won’t contact you.

The condition for an alien to reach Earth is to have a means of transportation that is faster than light. There are things in this universe that are faster than light. Earth will also discover its existence in the near future. If you think so, aliens have already come to earth.

“Why don’t aliens make contact with Earth?” Let’s think about it from the opposite point of view. Suppose you can travel around the universe in an instant. There are 100 or 200 planets where the same humans as the earth exist. would you like to contact me? Which planet would you like to contact? What are you contacting me for? The opponent is a world that is tens of thousands of years behind. There are also many languages. Would you like to research the language, speak it, and contact us? for what purpose? It is no wonder that visitors come frequently for sightseeing and observation purposes. Many UFO sightings have been made public in recent years. Some people don’t tell anyone even if they see it. Because I don’t think anyone will believe me.

“If there were only the alien and the Earth in this universe, we might contact them.” If there is a planet in the Milky Way galaxy that is almost the same age as Earth and is of a similar age, we may contact you in the near future.

“Here we define the age of the universe.” This is to make the conversation smoother. There is something called the Gregorian calendar on Earth. The first year of the Christian era is the year that Jesus Christ was born. In space, each planet is in a different state. Therefore, the first year of the atomic bombing is defined as the date when the first atomic bomb was dropped. It’s based on the assumption that atomic bombs will definitely be dropped on any planet, but they probably will. It was dropped on Earth in 1945. If this year is the first year of the atomic bombing, 2021 will be the 76th anniversary of the atomic bombing. Christ was born in 1945, before the atomic bomb.

“Even if there were life forms outside of Earth, they would have been in different ages.” Some planets are 1,000 years after the atomic bomb, others are 1,000 years before the bomb, 10,000 years after the bomb, 10,000 years before the bomb, 100,000 years after the bomb, and 100,000 years before the bomb. It’s hard to find planets that are close in age.

However, there is a history of the planet after the atomic bombing, and there is a record of what kind of world the planet was in 76 years after the atomic bombing. There is a common protocol in space. This is the title of this article, but you can get data with this. The history of the universe is long, and if there are records of hundreds of millions of years in the past, we can access the records around 76 years after the atomic bombing and acquire thousands or tens of thousands of data. What kind of world is being recorded?

“Is it following the same history as Earth?” Electricity was invented, of course, and Internet technology was acquired. What type of vehicle do you move? how do you listen to music how do you see the video? How is the economy doing? Is there anything other than capitalism and socialism? How will the world change after the atomic bombing 76 years ago? What will happen at the end of the development of artificial intelligence? Was there a singularity?

Would you like to take a peek at that data? How different is it from Earth? Let’s organize the basic data of the earth. It has a radius of 6,378 km, rotates once every 24 hours, rotates 356 times around the sun, and has a land-to-sea ratio of 3:7. It will be different from here. But I think it’s mostly similar.

A population of 7.8 billion. Countries 196. There are 7139 languages spoken in the world, 31 languages spoken by over 32 million people, 100 languages spoken by over 10 million people. This area will change depending on the terrain. It would be interesting to see what languages are spoken on other planets. Are there any languages close to English? Is there such a beautiful language as Japanese? English has 26 letters, but is there any language with fewer letters? Is the language that computers have developed a language similar to English?

A common protocol exists in the universe, and all past history of the universe can be obtained. Now, how much data will there be? I have an infinite amount of data. It is the data of all the past of the universe. When did the universe begin? 13.8 billion years ago? Even if it is only half of that, we have accumulated data for 6.4 billion years. If the universe had no beginning and always existed, there would be infinite data. If the universe is infinite, there are infinite places to accumulate data.

“How do you extract from infinite data?” On Earth, it is retrieved by Google search, but can it be searched in the same way? Of course, we have artificial intelligence. Since we know the common protocol, we will send the earth data first. Send data from web pages all over the world. All text, images and videos.

“Artificial intelligence understands the meaning of data.” Know how many languages there are. There are 7139 languages on earth, but not all of them exist on the web. Let’s say there are about 200 types on the web. How many languages are there in the universe? There is an immeasurable amount of language data accumulated. Images and videos do not exist by language, they are common.

“You have to extract the images and videos you want from any language.” For example, if you want a picture of the world 0 years after the atomic bombing, you will be able to see that picture. Too much data to organize. It will be up to Earth humans to keep things tidy and easy to see. I will organize it and send it to you.

In the previous story, I talked about the possibility of encountering aliens, but that will not come true unless certain conditions are met. Aliens who have evolved tens of thousands of years more than the earth do not come to see us. But if we’re as evolved as we are and we’re the first aliens, we’ll come see you. How could such a random, unlikely event happen?

I have. Ah, I already said the conclusion. There are planets in this universe that have as many life forms as there are humans. It is not crowded. Since the universe is infinitely wide, if you scrape it from the infinite universe, there are many, but they are not close.

“Even if you happen to be nearby, the degree of evolution will be different.” 10,000 years before the atomic bombing and 10,000 years after the atomic bombing, the degree of evolution is far apart. Is there a planet with a similar degree of evolution in the Milky Way galaxy? Not probabilistically possible. If it evolves naturally and occurs, it cannot be.

“However, what if it evolved intentionally rather than naturally?” What do you mean by intentional? It means that life was generated there with someone’s will. who is that. Are you God? not God. I am a human. who is that human? Are you an alien?

“First, let’s talk about whether humans can create life forms.” The Human Genome Project was first proposed in 1984 and work began in 1991. After completing the decoding of the draft sequence on June 26, 2000, it was declared complete on April 14, 2003. Genome editing research is also progressing. Like analyzing 01 by reverse engineering a computer, you will be able to analyze adenine (A) guanine (G) cytosine (C) thymine (T) in DNA and understand its meaning.

On the other hand, Elon Musk, Jeb Bethos, and other big names in the IT industry are entering the space business one after another. You will travel farther and farther. Things like this are happening all over the universe. And even in the Milky Way galaxy, aliens once came, found three planets where life could live, and created living things.

If you say why three, it may be destroyed in a nuclear war, so if you make three, at least one will survive without causing a nuclear war. The Earth is ready for a nuclear war and annihilation, but we don’t want the other two planets to have a nuclear war either.

And when you both travel a certain distance, you will encounter aliens for the first time. Are you going from here, or are you going from there? It will come from the one who was created first.

“It’s a hypothesis, but under these conditions, it’s possible.” It’s unlikely, but not impossible. What do the other two planets look like 100 years after the atomic bomb? At present, it seems that we can barely go to Mars on Earth, but when will we be able to fly freely in the Milky Way galaxy? Rocket technology seems impossible. I have to make a UFO. We need a vehicle that can travel faster than light.

Gravitational waves are thought to travel at about 300,000 km, the same as the speed of light. In the first place, Einstein did not say that only light can reach the speed of light, but because light is the fastest and most familiar thing in the natural world, he simply built up his theory of relativity using light as an example.

The existence of gravitons has been proposed as the elementary particles of this gravitational wave, that is, the elementary particles that transmit gravity. This graviton is also considered to have zero mass like the elementary particles of light (photons), so gravitational waves are said to propagate at the speed of light.

It is possible for the space itself in which objects move to exceed the speed of light, and this shows that the space called the universe is expanding. Observations so far have shown that the speed at which a galaxy moves away is proportional to its distance. If the distance to a galaxy is doubled, the speed at which it moves away from us also doubles, meaning that the more distant a galaxy is, the faster it is, and at a certain distance, it is moving faster than the speed of light.

Particles that can travel faster than the speed of light, called tachyons, have been studied for a long time as something that exceeds the speed of light. Tachyons always move faster than the speed of light, and contrary to normal matter, the more energy they lose, the faster they accelerate. The existence of tachyons can only be considered theoretically, and there are no examples of actual observations at present. Among scientists, there is a strong opinion that particles like tachyons do not exist, or that even if they do exist, they may be impossible to discover.

“If a substance like tachyons existed, information could be sent to great distances instantaneously.” Also, if spaceships and humans can be put on tachyons, warping will be possible, or spaceships and humans can be decomposed to the quantum level, put on tachyons and sent to fly, and a transport device that rematerializes at the destination. You may be able to do something like this.